Reborn Launch Tower (2018 Version) Installation Guide

Our Reborn Launch Wakeboard Tower uses many common parts with unique design features that make it aff­ordable, adjustable, and easy to install, fast to fold down and erect. Nice designed bracket to hold the tower stay at the position for storage. It is a forward-facing design.


Begin Installation

During installation, you should protect the tower by doing all the layout of the tower on a tarp, blanket or carpet and leave as much plastic wrapping on the legs and top section as possible. Protect the general mounting area of your boat by covering it with a tarp or blanket. Use masking tape to protect your deck from scratches as you determine the location of the four bases.

Note: Please remove black rubber cap at pipe end, THIS IS PACKAGING ONLY!

Step 1:

Following the exploded drawings and assemble the tower on the ground. You will not be drilling any holes in the tower at this point, and don't tighten any bolt at this stage.

Step 2:

Using the measurements from the elevation drawing identify where the best place is to fit the tower on your boat.

Step 3:

Attach the deck mounts onto the boat. Cover the area where the base mounts will be placed with masking tape. This should be done in all areas where the tower will be mounted and the near surrounding area. This will help eliminate scratches to your boat while adjusting and measuring your tower attachment points.

Note: You can use the quick release knob either front or rear according to your convenience.

NOTE: When you have a narrow boat you probably need to shorten the overhead bar to make the tower fit to your boat.

Double check If the tower is in the correct position you can fasten all the bolts and screws.

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