Reborn Thrust Wakeboard Tower Installation Guide (V2)

Operating under the theory that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of headaches, here is some useful information that will prevent any scratching during the Wakeboard Tower assembly.
As you are taking  the  arms  and  top center section out of  the box, place masking tape  strips  around the top  conjunction  sections of the tubes that slide inside. This allows you to move and adjust the tubes without scratching the surface. But please use caution when sliding the sections together.
Keep the masking tape in place through the final assembly step, then, after drilling, remove the masking tape and your surface will be perfect.
Note that this installation guide is only a guideline. Each boat is different and improvisation is needed to mount your tower on your boat. We advise you to have your tower mounted by a professional who has experience in boat constructions  and mounting other towers. All hardware is to be hand tightened. Do not use air tools or electric drills to tighten hardware. Tower is designed for one rider at a time. Do not tow tube riders or multiple riders with tower. Contents of Box Inspect the package for missing or damaged parts caused by shipping.

Warning: Before drilling into your boat, please check that you have clear access to the area beneath and that no objects, wires, or other hazards are present.

Do not measure from windscreen, cleats or vents. These reference points are not always square and in the same position as the opposite side of the boat. It’s the best to use the front of the boat as the reference point, the top edge of the deck mould, or similar measurement points whenever possible. Always triple-measure and check before drilling.

Tighten the deck mounts firmly so that the mounts will rotate under pressure while turning the mount with the leg attached (note the mounts will be very hard to rotate by hands)

Step 6
Attach the tower onto the deck mounts. To make your job easier, you can remove the short front curve legs from the tower assembly at this stage, and move the front horizontal bars in or out to fit the rear deck mounts and connect it with M12 washer and bolts. Then lift the tower and  re-assemble the curve legs on, rotate it to fit the front deck mounts, and connect to the mounts with M12 bolts and washer.

NOTE: When you have a narrow boat you probably need to shorten the overhead bar to make the tower fit to your boat.

Step 7
Drill through the predrilled holes in the center section from each side with size 10 drill bit and install bolts and cap nuts. One person will still be stabilizing the tower through this step. Tighten all hardware for completion of tower installation.

Step 8
Double check If the tower is in the correct position you can fasten all the bolts and screws

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