Reborn Catapult Wakeboard Tower Installation Guide

Operating under the theory that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of headaches, here is some useful information that will prevent any scratching during the Wakeboard Tower assembly.

As you are taking the arms and top center section out of the box, place masking tape strips around the top conjunction sections of the tubes that slide inside. This allows you to move and adjust the tubes without scratching the surface. But please use caution when sliding the sections together.

Keep the masking tape in place through the final assembly step, then, after drilling, remove the masking tape and your surface will be perfect.

Note that this installation guide is only a guideline. Each boat is different and improvisation is needed to mount your tower on your boat. We advise you to have your tower mounted by a professional who has experience in boat constructions and mounting other towers. All hardware is to be hand tightened. Do not use air tools or electric drills to tighten hardware. Tower is designed for one rider at a time. Do not tow tube riders or multiple riders with tower. Contents of Box Inspect the package for missing or damaged parts caused by shipping.

Contents of Box Inspect the package for missing or damaged parts caused by shipping.

Tower mounts 1set

Step 1

Cover the area where the base mounts will be placed with masking tape. This should be done in all areas where the tower will be mounted and the near surrounding area. This will help eliminate scratches to your boat while adjusting and measuring your tower attachment points.

Step 2

First assemble the tube joints on the bottom bars. You will not be drilling any holes in the tower at this point. TIP: You can use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline®) to grease the rubbers of the tower tube joints to prevent the rubbers from drying and it helps to insert the tower tube joints easily. Always apply a thin film of Anti-Seize lubricant on all the male threads of the stainless steel hardware. This prevents the stainless steel hardware from galling and locking. Frequently check/tighten the screws regularly before use.

Step 3

Use the semi-assembled side-bar to determine the correct position on the boat. Bear in mind the height in the boat, the windscreen window, additional tower accessories, wiring etc… When you have determined the correct position mark the position on the masking tape using the mounting brackets. !Make sure the tube joints are mounted completely level (on a flat spot) ! TIP : start +/- 20cm in front of the windscreen to determine the correct position. This for possible mirror mount on the tower.

Step 4

After marking one side you can mark the other side using the mounting brackets. Make sure to mark the deck mounts on the direct opposite of the boat using fixed points of reference on the boat.

Step 5

Keep in mind you are going to be placing backing plates and need access to fit a wrench to tighten the nut on the deck mount bolts on the inside of your boat. Before drilling inspect the inside of these locations for obstructions such as wires or cables. You are now ready to drill the holes. When drilling in fiberglass first use a pilot bit size 6 than a drill bit size 14. After drilling the 4 holes, it is recommended to countersink the holes using the countersink bit, this prevents the gelcoat from cracking.

Step 6

IMPORTANT: When the BOAT DECK is less than 1cm thick we strongly advise to reinforce the mounting bracket with wood or fiberglass cloth which is at least 1cm thick. The reinforcement should be as big as possible. This prevents stress on the boat which causes the gelcoat to crack. WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: Any cracks or other damage to the gelcoat or boat because of mounting the tower. Snug the bolt but do not fully tighten at this point.

Step 7

Install the bottom bars with the MOUNT SET. All feet are swivel and can work with various mounting angles. Be sure to mount the bottom bar vertical. When you fail to mount the bottom bar vertically, you will not be able to fold the tower. Snug the bolt but do not fully tighten at this point. Remove the Bottom bars and Tighten the 4 Mounting Brackets. Reinstall the bottom bar on the Mounting Brackets and tighten the bolts.

Step 8

Assemble one front bar on the Mounting Bracket. Snug the bolt but do not fully tighten at this point. Slide the taped bar into the Top Cross bar. Beware for scratches. Keep in mind that the tow point need to be facing towards the back of the boat. Slide the second front bar into the Top Cross bar and attach the front bar on the other mounting bracket. As one person holds the tower assembly you can now assemble the rear bars. NOTE: When you have a narrow boat you probably need to shorten the Top Cross Bar to make the tower fit to your boat. You are now ready to square up and center the loose assembly. Have someone stand in front of the boat and determine that the tow point is centered and the tower arms are symmetrical. Make necessary adjustments.

Step 9

Drill through the predrilled holes in the center section from each side with size 10 drill bit and install bolts and cap nuts. One person will still be stabilizing the tower through this step. Tighten all hardware for completion of tower installation.

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